The Plastic Surgery Vase comes with a confident S curve. We might all vary
in body shapes and sizes, but we can still own this vase and be whoever we are.
Depending on the light, the surface of the vase changes, giving each an
unexpected character. The collection includes various sizes and colors.

Color    Natural Transparent

Material    r-PETG*
Printing time    2.6h
Dimension    H: 21.5cm x Ø: 10.3cm
Weight    102g
Energy Consumption    0.35kWh
Production Waste    less than 1g**
Care     Clean it with soap and cold water. Keep it away from fire.

* Recycled PETG is one of the strongest materials with high durability and impact resistance.
** Production waste comes from the machine preparation process, the waste is recyclable. Support material is avoided in the design.