Our Story  

Vieille was founded in the spring of 2018 as an online store providing customers with delicate feminine European vintage styles. 

By spring 2021 the world looked entirely different, and Vieille grew into a project not only providing customers with rare vintage pieces, but also rethinking sustainable fashion by founding our own ethical conscious brand, where every piece is handcrafted in Denmark while empowering refugees with a job of proper and fair conditions.

 With a socially conscious and sustainable agenda, we stepped into this project openminded to give refugees an opportunity to work in a community where they will receive education while showcasing their amazing skills in craftsmanship. 

We wish to slow down the fashion industy, by making all of our pieces by hand using vintage materials as well as locally grown fabrics.

Eliminating the waste and the overproduction of the fashion industry is a key issue to us, and therefore there will only be made limited editions of each piece of clothing.  

Ethically made

We have skipped some steps in the common known supply chain of the fashion industry, by making all of our products ourselves.

By empowering refugees with a job in an industry that can be difficult to get into as a refugee in Denmark, we provide them with languge education as well as the opportunity to be able to financially support their families. We’re super proud to work with these talented women, and learning new things from each other every day.



At Vieille we put in a lot of effort sourcing materials which makes as little impact on the environment as possible. When using new produced materials, we use European grown linen.


In every collection we have a wide range of pieces created in vintage fabric. You know that wonderful feeling of a soft cotton piece of clothing?Instead of using the daunting amount of  water that is being used to soften new cotton, we make our pieces in vintage cotton, which has been softened throughout years. 


Buttons and other trims are sourced on vintage markets in Europe.


" Sustainability is much more than just organic fibers. We vouches for local grown materials,  and most important of all: proper and ethical work conditions for the artisans" - Vieille  


The atelier

Our atelier is located in the northern part of Denmark. This is a creative workspace where most of our time is spent on crafting beautiful handmade clothing for both women and children. We are beyond grateful to work with so many talented artisans who has come as refugees to Denmark, and each day we all learn new techniques, social- and language skills.





Beside our Vintage selection and our own Vieille styles, we carry a carefully curated range of brands. Common to them all, is that every piece are made locally and crafted with love and care for our planet. Some are chosen because they're handmade, some because they are organic, and a few are chosen because they are personal favorites with a long lasting quality that can be passed on for generations.